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Operational Questions

How many days does it take to re-bore a blade? How much do you charge?

It takes an average of 1-5 days from the purchase order date to complete the re-boring procedure. The turnaround time varies depending on order quantity and complexity. The charge for re-bores varies by size, number of pinholes and keyway. A saw that has been re-bored cannot be returned for credit.

Do you drop ship? How much do you charge for drop shipping?

Yes we do drop ship at no additional freight charge.

What is the blade warranty?

Popular Tools makes only the highest quality products. Saws with defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced. Damage to saws due to customer misuse is not covered by this warranty. The warranty is void once a blade has been reground, has had the face polished to remove the Popular Tools' logo or has any additional logos or etchings added to the face.

What is your return policy?

Popular Machinery & Tools, Inc. will accept unused, unmodified and undamaged merchandise in the original package within 90 days of the invoice date for company credit. Authorization must be obtained prior to returning merchandise.  Any saw blade that has been re-bored, reground, etched or inscribed by the customer or at their request will not be accepted. 

What location do I return a defective blade to?

All returned blades need to be shipped to our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. 

What is the cutoff time for placing an order to get it out the same day?

Our cutoff time for UPS shipments is 2:30PM EST, CST and PST to get the orders out the same day.

Technical Questions

Who do I contact for technical advice or recommendations?

You may contact Anthony Ruffo in our San Antonio, Texas office or Ryan Gleason in our California office.

In addition to saw blades, what other items do you sell?

Popular Tools does sell items other than saw blades. We sell solid carbide router bits for different applications, the plastic tubing that goes around the saw teeth for protection and lubricating sticks for non-ferrous cutting.

I measure 1.259” on the bore of my saw blade. Is this correct?

Yes, that is correct. It is a metric measurement that converts to 32mm. Listing metric measurements is common for products made on foreign machines.

On my panel saw, should my scoring saw score wider or thinner than my main saw?

In our experience, it is best to adjust the score saw score slightly wider than the main saw. This will prevent chipping on the bottom of the cutting piece.

Is it necessary to use lubricant when cutting aluminum?

Our experience has shown that using a lubricant when cutting aluminum prolongs the life of the cutting tool.

Can you make a 17-1/2” blade for me?

Yes, Popular Tools can make almost any blade you may require. Please call Anthony Ruffo in our San Antonio, Texas location for assistance.

Miscellaneous Questions

Where do I send payments?

Please mail payments to the address listed on our invoice:
P.O. Box 841913
Dallas, TX 75284-1913

Can you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes, we can.

Distributor Questions

How can I become a distributor?

Please call Anthony Ruffo in San Antonio, Texas or Ryan Gleason in our Santa Fe Springs, California location for details on becoming a Popular Tools distributor.
800-610-7297, Texas Office
800-518-7297, California Office