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NPS Series Panel Saws ~~NEW~~

The NPS series Panel Saws are designed to run longer and give extended performance when it counts. The NPS series Panel Saw Blades come with larger, stronger carbide tips designed to combat the abrasive glues and binding elements in MDF, laminates, particle boards, etc. In addition to the new tips, our saw plates are held to strict tolerances keeping the saw bodies extremely flat which makes the saws run truer. All panel saws have a 15 degree hook . ( More sizes to be added. Call us if what you need is not listed).

DiameterTeethBore and PinholeKerfPlateDesignFor Use OnOrder ID
300mm72T754.43.2TCGGiben, HomagNPS3007572TN
350mm54T30, 2/10/604.43.2TCGSchelling, VariousNPS3503054TN
350mm72T754.43.2TCGSchelling, HolzherNPS3507572TN
380mm72T60, 2/14/1004.83.5TCGHolzmaNPS3806072TBN
400mm72T304.43.2TCGSchelling, VariousNPS4003072TN
400mm72T80, 2/9/130, 4/19/1204.4 3.2TCGGabbianNPS4008072TN
430mm72T75, 4/15/1054.43.2TCGGibenNPS4307596TN
430mm72T80, 2/9/130, 4/19/1204.43.2TCGSelcoNPS4308072TN
540mm84T60, 2/11/115, 2/19/1205.03.5TCGHolzmaNPS5406084TN
600mm60T60, 2/11/115, 2/19/1205.84.0TCGHolzmaNPS6006060TN