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Truss & Component Saws

All of Popular Tools' truss blades are manufactured with a thicker plate for smoother and straighter cuts every time. These blades come with standard tapered mounting holes to fit 5/16" bolt with 82 degree tapering, except TRDS1640 which fits a 1/4" bolt. Size of mounting holes may vary on the open side due to the thickness of saw plates. All truss blades have 10 degree hook angle.

DiameterTeethBore and PinholeKerfPlateFor Use OnTipMTG HolesBolt CircleOrder ID
12"40T7/8".142".091"Auto-Omni ATB 3R,3L 2 1/4"TRK1240A
350mm54T50mm3.6mm2.5mmRazer ATB 6 (6.5mm) 64mmTRAZ35054
350mm54T50mm4.0mm2.8mmRazer ATB 6 (6.5mm) 64mmTRAZ35054A4
350mm54T50mm4.0mm2.8mmRazerTCG6 (6.5mm)64mmTRAZ35054T
14"40T1".184".134"Clary ATB 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR1440A
14"40T1".185".134"Timber Mill TCG 3R,3L 3 1/2"TRTM1440T
14"40T1".185".134"Idaco TCG 3R,3L 6"TRID1440T
14"60T1".184".134"Clary TCG 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR1460T
16"40T1".184".134"Clary TCG 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR1640T
16"40T1".185".134"Monet TCG 4R,4L 4"TRDS1640
16"40T1.26".190".150"Koskovich TCG 3R, 3L 2.25", 2.265"TRK1640T25
16"40T7/8".190".148"Koskovich ATB 3R, 3L 2.25", 2.265"TRK1640K19
16"48T1".185".134"Idaco TCG 3R,3L 6"TRID1648T
16"50T1 1/8".202".150"Mitek TCG 3R,3L 6"TRMK1650
16"60T1".184".134"Clary TCG 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR1660T
16"60T1".185".134"Timber Mill TCG 3R,3L 3 1/2"TRTM1660T
450mm40T35mm4.7mm3.4mmMangotech ATB RA4503540
450mm60T35mm4.7mm3.4mmMangotech ATB RA4503560
18"60T1".209".150"Clary ATB 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR1860A
18"60T1".209".150"Clary TCG 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR1860T
20"40T1 1/2".205".154"Auto-Omni ATB 4R,4L 3 1/2"TRK2040A
20"40T1 1/2".205".150"Auto-OmniTCG4R, 4L 3 1/2"TRK2040T
20"60T1 1/8".202".150"Mitek TCG 3R,3L 6"TRMK2060
20"60T1".209".150"Clary TCG 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR2060T
20"60T1".209".150"Idaco TCG 3R,3L 6"TRID2060T
20"80T1".209".150"Timber Mill TCG 6 all Right 5"TRTM2080TRS
20"80T1".209".150"Clary ATB 3R,3L 3 1/8"TR2080A
20"100T1 1/2".225".160"Alpine Linear ATB TR2010
22"80T1".209".150"Timber Mill TCG 6 all Left 4 3/4"TRTM2280T*
22"80T1".209".150"Timber Mill TCG 6 all Right 4 3/4"TRTM2280R
22"80T1".209".150"Clary TCG 6 all Right 5"TR2280T
22"120T1".209".150"Clary ATB 6 all Right 5"TR2212A
650mm96T30mm5.6mm3.8mmHundeggerATB2/15mm, 4/8.3mm100mm, 90mmTRHN65096
30"80T1 1/2".260".200"Auto-Omni TCG 6R,6L 6"TRK3080
30"80T1 1/4".260".200"Triad ATB (2) 5/8"3"TRIAD3080A
30"80T1 1/8".260".200"Timber Mill TCG 6 all Right 6"TRTM3080T*
30"80T1 5/8".260".200"Monet TCG 6R,6L 6"TRDS3080
30"80T1".260".200"Idaco TCG 3R,3L 6"TRID3080T
30"80T1-1/2:.260".200"TriadTCG(2) 5/8"3"TRIAD3080T
32"80T1 3/8".260".200"Mitek TCG 6 all Left 6"TRMK3280
32"80T2".260".200"Clary TCG 6 all Left 7"TR3280T


* Also available with pinholes mounting All Right. Please specify when ordering. Part# TRTM2280R or TRTM3080R