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Panel Sizing Saws

Designed for use on panel machines for cutting MDF, particle board, laminates, and bonded materials. All Panel Saws are made with SuperMicro-Sheen C-11 sub-micron carbide for longer life. Machine applications listed are only a guideline. All Panel Saws have a 10 degree hook angle.

Using Main Blade & Matching Scoring Blade

To keep material from chipping at the bottom, use a main blade and a scoring blade, held in precise alignment to each other and turning in opposite directions. The lower surface is scored, cut by the smaller scoring blade ahead of the larger main blade that completes the cut. The outer surface of the material has already been cut and cannot chip.

With each sharpening, the main blade becomes shorter and narrower. The scoring blades must cut a kerf of the same width as the main blade kerf (blade is re-sharpened only on the face to maintain the constant kerf).

Consequently, the scoring saw kerf has to be altered. The conic scoring saw, when first put in use, cuts a deeper grove to match the wide main blade. As the main saw becomes narrower, the scoring saw must cut shallower (narrower) to match the main saw.

Most often, the main and scoring saws are purchased as a set and kept together for their entire useful lives. For split scoring saws, the need to match the kerf to that of a main saw remains the same, though the mechanics are different. Spacers (shims) are added to make it as wide as the new main saw. As the main saw becomes narrower with the repeated sharpening, spacers are removed from the scoring saw to keep it at the width of the main saw.

DiameterTeethBore and PinholeKerfPlateDesignFor Use OnOrder ID
300mm60T30, 2/7/42 + 2/10/604.43.2TCGMayer, Scheer PS3003060T
300mm60T80, 2/14/110 + 4/9/1004.43.2TCGSCM, Mayer PS3008060T
300mm72T30, 2/7/42 + 2/10/603.22.2ATBAltendorf, Scheer GAM3003072
300mm72T65, 2/9/1104.43.2TCGSelcoPS3006572T
300mm72T754.43.2TCGGiben, Homag PS3007572T
300mm96T30, 2/7/42 + 2/10/603.22.2ATBAltendorf, Scheer GAM3003096
320mm72T50, 3/12.5/804.43.2TCGGiben PS3205072T
320mm72T65, 2/9/1104.43.2TCGSelcoPS3206572T
350mm54T30, 2/10/604.43.2ATBSchelling, Various PS3503054A
350mm54T30, 2/10/604.43.2TCGSchelling, Various PS3503054T
350mm54T754.43.2ATBGiben, Homag PS3507554A
350mm72T1 1/4"4.43.2TCGSCM PS350Q72T
350mm72T30, 2/10/604.43.2ATBSchelling, Holzher PS3503072A
350mm72T30, 2/10/604.43.2TCGSchelling, Holzher PS3503072T
350mm72T50, 4/12.5/804.43.2TCGGiben PS3505072T
350mm72T60, 2/14/1004.43.2TCGHolzmaPS3506072T
350mm72T754.43.2TCGGiben, Homag PS3507572T
350mm72T80, 4+2+2 pins4.43.2TCGSCM, Gabbiani PS3508072T
370mm72T30, 2/10/604.43.2TCGSchelling PS3703072T
380mm60T60, 2/14/1004.43.2TCGHolzma PS3806060T
380mm72T30, 2/14/1004.43.2TCGSchelling PS3803072T
380mm72T50, 4/12.5/804.43.2TCGGibenPS3805072T
380mm72T60, 2/14/1004.43.2TCGHolzma PS3806072T
380mm72T60, 2/14/1004.83.5TCGHolzma PS3806072TB
380mm72T80, 2/14/1104.43.2TCGGabbianPS3808072T
400mm60T75, 4/15/1054.43.2TCGGiben, Homag PS4007560T
400mm60T80, 2/9/130 + 4/19/1204.43.2TCGSelco PS4008060T
400mm72T304.43.2TCGSchelling, Various PS4003072T
400mm72T60, 2/11/1154.43.2TCGHolzma PS4006072T
400mm72T80, 4/9/100 + 2/7/110 + 2/14/1104.43.2TCGGabbiani PS4008072T
420mm72T60, 2/11/1154.83.4TCGHolzma PS4206072T
430mm60T75, 4/15/1054.83.5TCGGiben PS4307560T
430mm72T75, 4/15/1054.83.5TCGGiben PS4307572T
430mm72T804.43.2TCGSelco PS4308072T
430mm72T80, 2/9/130 + 4/19/1204.43.2ATBSelco PS4308072A
450mm72T304.43.2TCGSchelling PS4503072T
450mm72T60, 2/14/1254.83.5TCGHolzma PS4506072T
450mm72T80, 2/9/130 + 4/9/1204.43.2ATBSelco, Gabbiani PS4508072A
450mm72T80, 2/9/130 + 4/9/1204.43.2TCGSelco, Gabbiani PS4508072T
460mm72T304.43.2TCGHolzma PS4603072T
470mm72T75, 4/15/1054.43.2TCGGiben PS4707572T
480mm60T304.43.2TCGSchelling PS4803060T
480mm72T304.43.2TCGSchelling PS4803072T
480mm72T80, 2/9/130 + 4/19/1204.83.5TCGSelcoPS4808072T
500mm60T304.43.2TCGSchelling, Mayer PS5003060T
500mm72T60, 2/11/115 + 2/19/12053.5TCGHolzma PS5006072T
500mm72T75, 2/11/115 + 2/19/12053.5TCGGiben PS5007572T
500mm72T80, 2/9/11053.5TCGGabbiani PS5008072T
520mm60T60, 2/11/115 + 2/19/1204.83.5TCGHolzma PS5206060T
530mm60T3053.5TCGSchelling PS5303060T
540mm60T60, 2/11/115 + 2/19/12053.5TCGHolzma PS5406060T
540mm84T60, 2/11/115 + 2/19/12053.5TCGHolzma PS5406084T
550mm72T10053.5TCGGiben PS5501072TG
570mm60T60, 2/19/12053.5TCGHolzma PS5706060T
600mm60T60, 2/11/115 + 2/19/1205.84TCGHolzma PS6006060T
600mm72T60, 2/11/115 + 2/19/1205.84TCGHolzma PS6006072T
670mm60T40, 1/11/1406.24.2TCGSchelling PS6704060T
670mm60T60, 2/11/148 + 2/19/1206.24.2TCGHolzmaPS6706060T

Conic Scoring Saws

Conic tooth shape allows for the saw to match the kerf of the main blade simply by adjusting the height of the scoring blade. All conic scoring saws are made with a ten degree hook and SuperMicro-Sheen C-11 sub-micron carbide for longer life.

DiameterTeethBore and PinholeKerfPlateDesignFor Use OnOrder ID
120mm24T203.2-4.22.2RAvarious SC1202024T
120mm24T204.4-5.43RAvarious SC1202024F
125mm24T204.4-5.43RASchelling SC1252024
125mm24T454.4-5.43RAGiben, Homag SC1254524
150mm24T1 1/4"4.4-5.43RASCM SC150Q24
150mm24T304.4-5.23RAMayer SC1503024T
150mm24T454.4-5.43RAHomag SC1504524
160mm36T45, 3/11/704.4-5.43RAGiben, Homag SC1604536
160mm36T55, 3/7/664.4-5.43RAGabbiani SC1605536
175mm28T45, 2/11/1154.4-5.43RAHolzma SC1754528
180mm30T454.4-5.43RAHolzma, Homag SC1804530F
180mm30T50, 3/12.5/804.4-5.43RAGiben SC180503044
180mm34T20, 2/7/42+2/10/604.4-5.43RASchelling, Mayer SC1802034
180mm34T30, 2/7/42+2/10/604.4-5.43RAvarious SC1803034
180mm36T454.8-5.83RAHolzma SC1804536H
180mm36T50, 3/13/804.4-5.43RAGiben SC1805036
180mm36T555.0-6.03RAGiben SC1805536G
200mm34T204.4-5.43RASchelling SC2002034F
200mm34T20, 2/11/1155.0-6.03RASchelling SC2002034S
200mm34T45, 2/11/1154.4-5.43RAHolzma SC2004534T
200mm34T45, 2/11/1154.8-5.83RAHolzma SC2004534E
200mm34T45, 2/11/1155.0-6.03RAHolzma SC2004534J
200mm34T45, 2/11/1155.8-6.83RAHolzma SC2004534S
200mm34T65, 2/9/110+2/9/1004.4-5.23RASelco SC2006534
200mm36T206.2-7.23.4RASchelling SC2002062
200mm36T455.8-6.83RAHolzma SC2004536H
200mm36T456.2-7.23.4RAHolzma, Homag SC2004562
200mm36T65, 2/9/110+2/9/1004.8-5.83RASelco SC2006536
200mm36T80, 2/14/1104.4-5.43RASCM, Gabbiani SC2008036
215mm42T50, 3/15/804.8-5.83RAGibenSC2155042

Split Scoring Saws

Split design allows adjustment to match kerf of main blade simply by adding shims. All split saws are made with SuperMicro-Sheen C-11 submicron carbide for longer life. All split scoring saws have 10 degree hook angle. The new SSRP12050 is designed for fully adjustable scoring.

DiameterTeethBore and PinholeKerfPlateDesignFor Use OnOrder ID
100mm2x12202.8-3.62Split, FTGSCM, Shelling SS10020
100mm2x12222.8-3.62Split , FTGAltendorf, Martin SS10022
100mm2x123/4"2.8-3.62Split , FTGSCM SS100Q
120mm2x12202.8-3.62Split , FTGSCM SS12020
120mm2x12222.8-3.62Split, FTGAltendorf SS12022
120mm2x123/4"2.8-3.62Split, FTGSCM SS120Q
120mm2x12301.9mm2Split, FTGEZ Dial SSEZ12030
120mm2x12502.8-3.62Split, FTGAltendorfSSRP12050