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Optimizing Saws

Popular Tools has new line of saw blades dedicated to optimizing saws such as the Paul™ and Grecon/Weinig™ Machines. The new Popular Tools optimizing saw blades are precision cut, ground, tensioned, and balanced to strict tolerances which are crucial for straight cuts at high RPM’s. The saw body has specially formulated epoxy filled expansion slots in the body to eliminate noise and vibration. Due to the strenuous running conditions for optimizing saws, we take special care and maintain extremely tight tolerances in manufacturing these blades to deliver the highest quality into each blade.

DiameterTeethBore and PinholeKerfPlateDesignFor Use OnHookOrder ID
500mm144T30, 2/15/635.03.5ATBDimter/Grecon15OPD500144A
500mm144T30, 2/15/635.03.5HATBDimter/Grecon15OPD500144H
520mm144T30, 2/15/635.03.5ATBDimter/Grecon15OPD520144A
520mm144T30, 2/15/635.03.5HATBDimter/Grecon15OPD520144H